1.Getting into a fight with the vacuumm and the dam thing grabbing you by the neck, thus leaving a big mark on there.

2. also what losers use to leave a hickey mark on their necks cuz they caint get no real girls, pussies!!
1. dam me n the vacumm got into it the other night n the bitch left me a hickey

Loser:wat up group
Me n My guys:wtf is up with da hickey/mark on ur neck?
Loser: yea u know me and my.....
Me n my guys: shut the fuck up ya fag, u kno u caint get no pussy so u had the vacuum do that to u. wow
by James979 January 01, 2009
it means luv bites usuali on ur neck or wereva ur bf sucks u
oh my days! did u c chantelles hickeys yestaday? dey woz coverin al her neck!
by mizzbufftings September 18, 2004
A bruise caused by sucking/biting of the neck, chest, etc. The easiest way to get it off is to use a hairbrush, people! I've never had a hickey, but my sister has and the hairbrush works, trust me. It will look red for a little while, but when the redness is gone, NO HICKEY. Hope this helps. ;)
by Aishatalo December 14, 2011
The bruising after thyroid nodule biopsy
"It looks like a hickey but sure was less fun when it got created: the bruise from the biopsy on my thyroid gland."
by proton99 July 31, 2009
A bruise or rough spot on the left side of one's neck that is formed from the extensive use of a violin or viola.
Gio: Thomas has a hickey!
Thomas: I got it from playing the violin too much.
by Violinist258 March 21, 2009
1)having a terrible horrible no good very bad day,

2) something that is terribly bad, mean or cranky

3) A hispanic ganster, or chilean who enjoys wife beating

4) A columbian woman prone to hitting others with an open fist
"that Hickey robbed me",

today was a real Hickey day!

wow that hickey sure did slap like a girl !

that hickey is real cuteeeeee, when speaking of joe
by coldorb September 28, 2010
a slut stamp on the neck caused by someone sucking on another's neck too forcefully
"She came home with a hickey last night"

"What a slut"
by bellatrix vixen February 07, 2010

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