The language spoken by most unemployed Caucasians without a third grade education
Thomas does not use hichbilly slang because he is in the fourth grade
Top Definition
people from the backwoods of missouri mostly, although there are patches of them that appear right here in south dakota, mainly around the pierre and sturgis regions. they usually reproduce within the family with dumb ass sayings like "aint no sense ruinin 2 familys" or "if u cant keep it in ur pants, keep it in the family". they like to sing songs to the "footloose" song usually containing these words"hick loose, hick loose, kick off ur farmer boots...relax, relax, grab on ur daughters rack..." and so on. u can spot hick billys by their mouth full of redman chew and nascar hats. also look for their other calling card, the mullet. hick billies run rampant with mullets, its a known fact. i think the discovery channel even did a documentary on it once.
They also breed like rabbits.
That damn cletus, he got mary lue, his sister, cousin, mother, and grandma, pregnant again. thats about the 12th time isnt it?
by Urban Dictionary June 05, 2003
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