grit; also known as redneck.
"That fucking hick doesn't stop listening to White Snake"
by scarlett January 24, 2004
Appendage Hungry Mountain People
"I hit my head on a rock and that damn Hick tried to amputate my foot!"
"Dirty bastards!"
by Joe Leibowitz November 21, 2003
People that cant stop saying, "do you know what"

My trailers got a propane heater
by Dominik October 24, 2003
a republican that comes from the south
We elected a hick to the whitehouse.
by Nigger McCoon October 13, 2003
adj. MOCK, Dillon. see Dorchester, New Hampshire
A hick wears carhartts incoherently, is wearing them to winter carnival, and prom. As I said, see DORCHESTER.
by Sam January 21, 2004
someone who talks like their from the south and has like horses and cows,etc
lives on a farm
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
You know you’re a hick if you have been burning the frosting on your pop-tarts for 15 years and never realized you just needed to turn that little dial from 4 to 3. Instead you started buying pop-tarts with no frosting.
sound redneck hillbilly white trash country stupid red neck trailer trash town racist cracker southern inbred bumpkin idiot cowboy dumbass rural nascar mullet loser republican rube boring asshole moron yokel hicks rednecks retard farmer ignorant trash cletus conservative hayseed southerner hill billy
by The International Man October 20, 2010

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