somebody(like me)who worships:elvis,dirtbikes,and their cusins
"hey Cletus you know what my dream is???watching elvis rip out on my dirtbike while screwing my sister"
by YOUR MOM July 25, 2003
A person who can have two or more of these qualities below which ranged them from two qualities of kind of a hick to more than 7 qualities, full out hick. One could possibly be a hick by doing an action or have a lifestyle by these examples below:

generally males who use double negatives in his every day speech, drinks beer every day especially early in the morning, drives a truck that is loud and pathetic looking, wears cow boy boots, wears cowboy hats, conservative, religious, doesn't accept other cultures or people from other cultures,listens to only country music, never went to college, has a blue collar profession, has junk around his yard, has a beer belly, poor hygiene, hunts, bad teeth, chews tobacco,into racing, hunting, or cow tipping, uses racial slurs, has the confederate flag on their truck, and doesn't live in the city.
see definition above for hick
by Steph Frank June 19, 2007
I have a mullet, so all the guys in school think I'm cool, so they call me Joe Dirt. One day, I was wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt and a guy walked up to me and said, "Man, you are such a hick!" So, it means someone having the social status someone between white trash and a redneck. I take it offensivley, though.
Me: I say he's white trash
Friend: No, he's a redneck.
Me: He's in-between.
Friend: Like a hick?
Me: Yea, why not
by Eric Kuhn October 16, 2006
Anyone who lives in a town of 1,500 or less and their hotels do not have swimming pools.
Like someone who resides in Winthrop, MN.
by nonhickman21 July 21, 2005
1. In southwestern Washington State, a male teenager who uses a stereotypical version of the redneck way of life as an excuse to chew tobacco, get drunk and have sex out in the woods as often as possible, speak with a fake Southern accent, stop bathing, regularly wear filthy Carhartts and hunting clothes to school, and desperately cling to racist, misogynist and/or homophobic ideas. They are hopelessly ignorant of the fact that genuine rednecks are not always prejudiced and do not necessarily engage in all of the aforementioned activities.

2. A female teenager from the same region of Washington who wears anything with the words "Rebel Bitch" on it as an excuse to be anything other than a decent human being, and, like her male counterparts, as an excuse to get drunk and have sex in the woods. Also ignorant of the fact that genuine redneck females can be perfectly nice people and don't necessarily drink.
1. "Mark thinks he's a redneck, but he's just a wanna-be hick."

2. "Jane used to be preppy and friendly, but after she went to one of Mark's parties in the woods, she wears nothing but Carhartts and is a complete bitch to everyone who isn't a drunken hick like her."
by adnoctum September 21, 2004
someone from southern California
Wow that is sure some hick-ass,tattooed,pierced,toothless bastard.

And look,his girlfriend has her ass-crack tattooed too!

grit; also known as redneck.
"That fucking hick doesn't stop listening to White Snake"
by scarlett January 24, 2004
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