There is only one of those in the world. It is said to exist in Egypt; and legends say that it is a female called "Farida". This Hibbies lives in a bubble of pink; thinks that she is a princess and when she swears she says "I swear to Rucifer" which indicates the weirdness of that rare creature. At night; Hibbies becomes a pink cat and roams the deserts of Egypt humping all other cats as the Hibbies is a sexual addict.
Person 1: "look, its a pink cat"
Person 2: "OMG! It's the Hibbies"
Person 1: "No no; that is only a legend"
Person 2: "I swear to Rucifer it's the Hibbies; even look it's humping another cat".
#farida #pink #princess #cat #sexual addict
by The Superior 1 April 17, 2010
Top Definition
A person who is often described with such other terms as "dirty", "gay", "scum" and so on.

Generally pretends to like football in order to look like a "big man" or "sound c*nt" around his/her mates. The difficulty being of course that the team they support, Hibs FC, doesn't actually provide that service, preferring instead to provide their "fans" with a 90-minute horror show which showcases a lack of skill, talent and finesse.

Fortunately for the hibbies, they are usually so thick that they think they see flair, and they can continue their delusions of actually supporting a football team instead of watching an hour and a half long display of something which is a disgrace to all professional sport, not least the SPL.

Utterly failing over many, many years to win anything big.

A Hibs fan is more than often to be found hanging around the Leith area of Edinburgh, an area which is generally described as a "slum". After a hibby reaches a certain age, usually about 35-40, they will start to spend less and less time in the MFI flatpack stadium of easter road and more time on the benches on the streets of Leith, newspaper over the face, sleeping off that morning's superlager binge and soaked in their own urine/faecal matter like stanton.
girl :''who is that fat horribly ugly looking man/woman in that disgusting green top''

boy:''thats a hibby''
#hibs fan #hibs fc #scum #homo #ugly #pathetic #embarrising
by adamisnumberone July 10, 2009
a pair of hemostats. Roach clips
Dude this shit is burnin my fingers. Hand me those hibbies
#roach clip #clips #clippys #hippie clippies #balls
by Boostaboosta March 09, 2011
a thugsta's ambitions.. (H.I.B = Herb, Ice and Bullet.. a gangsta's tru loves)
yo this boy got tha hibby, he's living ghetto fabulous
by Illy September 03, 2004
DAoC character from the uber (but ultimately nerfed and underpowered) Hibernia realm
reality: 2fg of hibby's rvring in emain
BarrysWhine thread/ #celticfist moan (normally from alb scum): OMG there's a hibby zerg in emain at least 5fg
by Lloth July 24, 2003
A sound Lucy makes.
omg hibby!
by Ras August 27, 2003
A noise; a sound; the cry of Lucy
"Hibby!" croaked Lucy, dancing over the moon.
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
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