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def 1: when you are repeating something and cant remember what exactly was said. a la "blah blah blah" or "yadda yadda yadda"

def 2: at a loss for a word
ex 1: "so, the cops says to me hibbity-hibbity-hibbity, you're under arrest."

ex 2: "oh yeah, you know him...uhh..hes got a green car..hes probably know, hibbity"
by jesskc June 01, 2007
Term meaning marijuana and evoking connotations of said drug's ability to render a smile and remove inhibitions.
Before sitting on the couch for three hours eating potato chips, Bryon Rodslammer smoked some hibbity.
by MoonlightBen July 11, 2005
The feeling in the body is unknown. Feeling everything at once; happy, hungry, anxious, mad, tired.
Greg got very hibbity after knowing his mom would be home after school.
by ekpotree March 30, 2010
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