Excruciatingly difficult meaning of: A Plural; a group of (units/people) saluting and or "Hailling" an object B Singular; A person attempting to "Obvuscate" the attempt of "saluting" an officer of Royal Court to obtain some form "Merit" within the targeted officers "Reprituar" to attain social stabillity C Plural, Suportive; a vote of consensus with a singular "Entity"/person as a represenitive of the "Group" to administer the request of "Listenning"/observe to the mandate in paper on a topic of interest.
A :: Situation={a religious "Mass" in front of a cross, weither in silence or chanting} and/or {a person to use a "Personnal Computer" and "Surf" the "Net", even if there is only one person utillizing the "Net" at a given point of time, time dialation has no sense of deffinition in this explanitory remark}

B :: Scene={officer walking on a street, then a person - unaffiliated with and/or unknownst of person but knownst of stature - comes within eye-sight of the officer}
Officer either takes gesture of acknowledgement to the new-comer(noob) or continues glaring into same direction and/or avoid eye-contacts, the noob attempts to use deffinition, it is upto the officer to ackknowledge in form that'd best fit to preformed judgement.

C Simplest form of explanation, Diplomatic practice in the form of: a minourity of people to gather input within and from their own masses, then pass-over the information to a Represenative that could/maybe/possibly able to inform a "Communist of influence" for the ideal of information. This is the long term deffinition to "Hailing" an external Source/Entity/Mass to establish a "Diplomatic Relations for Informative Exchange" connection.
by Maurice Clarence Jr' Cormier January 16, 2008
A Unsightly Pimple or zit on your ass or butt if you are not allowed to say ass
I Have A Big Hi On My Butt
by ASDADSADAASDA March 29, 2010
a word used at the start and at the end of every sentence. used by Donegal/Derry people...
1: hi, did ya see your wan who was over there last night out on the middle of the street dancing, some fuck he is, hi!

2: awe hi, were ya watching the match

3: ah i dunno hi...
by poshasfuck March 06, 2007
(Acronym)Hit It Term people in retail use to describe members of the opposite sex (or same) based on hitabliity of said person. It is used as a type of code so customer have no idea they are the object of sexual fantasy etc.
Hot customer walks in...
Danny: (to colleauge) Hi?
Pedro: Hi!

There are also other variations.

e.g. Hi?
if the other person doesn't quite agree or are ambivilent they can reply "hey" which is like meh

Danny: Hi?
Pedro: Hello!

Hello is an emphasise of "Hell No, nigger!"
by Sgt Spilko August 06, 2008
hi... ur seriously looking up hi in an urban dictionary... gawd you people need to get lives i'm sorry but you know it's true!!!
<normal person> Hi!
<retard> umm wth does that mean, i know i'll go on the intrnet and look it up in an urban dictionary *runs off*
<normal person> what a fker
by Trent is the man! December 12, 2007
For some "Hi" is used on chatrooms/msn/the other one...IM? when they either can't be f*cked talking to you or are in a bad/non-talkative/sad mood.

I Love chips! <3 says:
Heylowe there =)
x..Bunny..x says:
Oh hi...
I love chips! says:
Hey whats up?...
x..Bunny..x says: NOTHING! GET LOST I HATE YOU I HATE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please excuse me for the bad msn names =P
by Kadio August 11, 2006
hi is a word, that the lazy D- kids use, on myspace/face book etc. it is a short term for hello, and is about the most annoying greeting ever.
Julie-"hey James! How are you?"
by rachael babel February 25, 2008
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