For some "Hi" is used on chatrooms/msn/the other one...IM? when they either can't be f*cked talking to you or are in a bad/non-talkative/sad mood.

I Love chips! <3 says:
Heylowe there =)
x..Bunny..x says:
Oh hi...
I love chips! says:
Hey whats up?...
x..Bunny..x says: NOTHING! GET LOST I HATE YOU I HATE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please excuse me for the bad msn names =P
by Kadio August 11, 2006
hi is a word, that the lazy D- kids use, on myspace/face book etc. it is a short term for hello, and is about the most annoying greeting ever.
Julie-"hey James! How are you?"
by rachael babel February 25, 2008
A subsatute for the word Hello Since people are so f$*#!@g lazy they can't say hello!
Billy- Hi Suzie I Love you

Suzie- I hate you because you can't freaking say hello!
by Flo-rida lova February 03, 2008
wut u say when ur sexually arroused by a friend
friend : hey jack, wuts up?
by being cool March 25, 2005
This word originates from the aboriginis of southern australia in 1705!
it means retard in abbo language and is very insulting
what are you playing at you abbo hi
by MrW January 01, 2005
HI = highly intelligent
An ironical way to say your comment makes as much sense as Gorge Bushs shoe.

Often played joke on n00bs introducing themselves.
'MM': "Yo, I'm Mefisto. Wosseps, yo shizzelish dishifishstick, bums?"
Mod/Vet: "HI."
'MM': "Hi, wazzup sipfick?"
Mod/Vet: "HI."
'MM': "Um, hi."
Mod/Vet: "HI."
Mod/Vet: "HI, like in YOU MAKE NO FU*KIN SENSE!!!"
by Mefisto Monster April 02, 2005
a way to point out to somebody that you are there and would like to be noticed. also short for high
Girl: Hi!
Guy: um... hi... who are you?
by i luv jesse mccartney April 26, 2005

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