A quick way of saying hello.
Jim: Hello Bob.
Bob: Hi Jim.
by Mat April 19, 2005
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The word that always appears everytime I open up Editor Chat
I opened up Urban Dictionary Editor Chat today and the definition hi was there yet again!!
by Michael Brazis May 10, 2005
lazy way for hello
"hello john"
by fyag March 16, 2003
Hi is an overly used word.
x: Hi!
X: Stop saying that word you fuckin idiot
by fucker March 17, 2005
A term that means HELLO. Used on AIM by more than 10000000000 million people. People recieve a hi from at least 10 people online a day. It is the word that is used because us, Americans, being lazy, cannot say HELLO. Never capatilized.
RooRoo123: hi
FooFoo123: sup?
RooRoo123: nm
by HiHiHiHiHiHiHiHi December 22, 2005
a word that i say which often follows with me being shut down.
Me: hi!!!!

Hot Girl: Fuck you.
by ladiesman357 January 09, 2011
Hi is a greeting thats short for "hello"
Hi bob hows it going?
by Blockhead15 March 30, 2006
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