Hungry Hungry Humphries!
Someone who is a mung-licker with a big appetite… They have to be rude, fat, bitchy, slutty, mean, and a stalker.

It is a must that they eat and love Twinkies...This type of person claims to be anorexic/bulimic, but if they were… would they not be skinny?

They are into acting and think they can act, but I didn't know high pitched squeakyness was acting?

They are loud and annoying and a disgrace to life...
Hungry Hungry Humphries ate so much food they exploded

HHH is the biggest girl at school.

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle blinded my eyes when I saw HHH!

I wish that HHH would die or get and STD then she would lose weight...
by ANETJSVZ July 17, 2006

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