Used instead of the cliche, overused, hackneyed typed-internet phrase showing laughter: Haha!
Person 1: I <3 Billy*!!!!!!
Person 2: HhH!

*Billy is the main character of the popular internet documentary-- HOW TO BE: EMO. Billy learns the how-to's of being emo and how to embrace his sensitive side, instead of caving to his father's pressures for playing football.
by Harry & Sebastian McNasty-Stewart January 28, 2006
Homie Hoppin Hoe
Man did you see Kelly?! She's a HHH!
by HHH destroyer ;) October 13, 2010
Stands for hardey-har-har, a newer and more creative alternative for the more commonly used internet abbreviation lol. Rigorous academic studies have concluded that users of hhh are 10.5 times more hip and 'with it' than users of the archaic lol. Although the exact origin of hhh is unknown, most scholars tend to agree that it originated somewhere along the United State's east coast. Hhh appears to be on the cusp of taking the world by storm, with no apparent signs of slow down.
Rock: Hey brah, did i tell you about my dream last night?

Lolita: No, I believe you haven't. But i am just dying to
hear about it.

Rock: Oh. Well I dreamt I was a muffler.

Lolita: You don't say?

Rock: Yeah, and when I woke up, I was exhausted!

Lolita: hhh.
by boulder July 01, 2007
Hot Headed Hoes
93% of Brooklyn girls are HHH's
by Chooki Pooki January 03, 2011
Hash House Harriers - a drinking club with a running problem. Worldwide loose-knit collection of individual clubs that hold running games where a "hare" is given a head start, marks a trail with chalk, and is chased by the "pack". After the run there is a celebration with lots of beer drinking, rowdy songs, and other debauchery.
The local HHH runs every saturday and nights of the full moon.
by Cums Solo January 11, 2009
The best Halo CE Clan that loves to raise HELL!
Raise HELL with HHH (Head Hunters from HELL)

(come and raise HELL)
by someonenotimportant August 01, 2009
a sharp instant exhale of breath like a Sigh'

i don't feel like doing this... *HHH*
by andy p-dizzle April 07, 2006

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