short for Heil Hitler. A salute many Germans performed in Nazi Germany. Usually accompanied by the Roman Salute, still in use today by many neo-nazis. Also use 88.
~on MSN or something like that~
Nazi1: HH!
Nazi2: SH!

~In Real Life~

Nazi1: Heil Hitler!
Nazi2: Sieg Heil!
by Your NEWP friend April 13, 2006
Short for happy hour].
You should show up to HH.
by Dorje(1) August 02, 2014
Hanford Hookup: Do all the sexual acts including blowjobs, kissing and touching without the actual penitration.
All my friend gets is the HH when he is out with beautiful women.
by justcruzin November 20, 2011
Hh is what you do when you see an unattended keyboard, and press Hh just to screw with the person.
Ya bro, I Hh that sucker!
by Hhspacebarrightclick June 28, 2015
HH is short for Happy Hour
Hey gals, anyone up for HH on Friday?
by cmw143s October 12, 2009
To hold hands with someone
Did you two H H? That's pretty hott
by Jake December 06, 2003
Hornsby heights

The maddest suburb on the north shore where the coolest kids live.
1. Do you wanna go to HH?

2. Nah man thats where all the cool kids live.
1. True aye
by Sabby1111111 September 24, 2011
HH = Hunajahuuli, which means girlfriend or wife of a man.

Hunaja = Honey

Huuli = Lip
HH laittaa ruokaa...

In english = My HH is cooking...

=> My gf/wife is cooking.
by mjit June 25, 2009

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