Hudi's Gettin' Booty

1. Mike Hudi gets some ass.

2. Situation: if an alarm rings, the last person in the room to wake up and yell "Hudi's Gettin' Booty" must get up, find the alarm, and shut it off. (most commonly played at 4:44am)

Doc - "Fuck you guys."

by Andrew SON! November 13, 2007
see hellogoodbye . An amazing electronic, powerpop band
The new hgb CD: Zombies! Aliens!Vampires! Dinosaurs! is so good
by Heyitsme August 05, 2006
The most wonderful (and most boring) place in the World. Gatheringplace of mtd, cms, se+, mc, bin and hsse
Where´s hgb. Who know´s? Who care´s?
by Wochi March 24, 2004

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