Noun Slang for weed/smoking weed
"If you are going to hey man I am leaving"
by Kirk August 30, 2004
Top Definition
a multi-purpose word that can mean almost anything. the main use is to greet one of your fellow heymans. when you use it to put down someone, the word can have the same meaning as bitch or annoying. it can replace many uses of bad languages so that adults and teachers cant say nothing about it. another use of the wonderful word HEYMAN is to break an awkward silence like when your friend disses you and you dont know wat to say, you say HEYMAN. or if you dont feel comfortable saying hi to someone, you can say Heyman. or if you run out of comebaks wen you and your friends are in a fight, you can just say "YOUR A HEYMAN" and you will win the argument because the power of the AD Alliance will be with you. heyman comes in many forms, like a person, a heyman monster, airdrums, heyman guns, and not cool man
"heyman, thats just not cool man."
the heyman monster heyman smashed xavier when he didnt feed it enough.
when xavier got mad at his school, he used his heyman gun and heyman shot everyone.
when xavier listens to music, he does not nod his head to the beat, he airdrums.
"hey raymond, your a bitch." "well you know wat gerry? your a heyman. so eat that cuz thats so not cool man if you call me a bitch for no reason."
by gerryisnotfurrealz October 21, 2009
An individual who is limited to words such as "hey!", "what!", "yeah!", "put it up now yall", "oh!", "uh", or "buh" when performing backup vocals for a rapper.

While performing with a well known rapper, a hey man will typically make these sounds in an attempt to add to the song.
Dr. Dre: still taking my time to perfect the beat.
Hey Man: what!
Dr. Dre: and I still got love for the streets
Hey Man: uh uh yeah
by m-star February 03, 2009
Closely related to the south Georgia Hey Yall. A Hey Man is a southern college age (18-35 this is Georgia) male. The typical Hey Man will be found with a Bo Duke hair cut, pink shirt, and a camouflaged UGA hat. A Hey Man usually has long sideburns, and is generally a complete douche bag. Most drive lifted trucks or wish they did but cant afford them. Typical drink of a Hey Man is Bud light. For some unknown reason Hey Yalls are uncontrollably attracted to Hey Man's.
1.Im gonna buy a a UGA hat to fit in with all these HEY MAN'S. Then trick these HEY YALLS into sleeping with me.

2. Holy shit look at Luke's sideburns he is such a HEY MAN.(Airborne HUA)
by Buckey's Rules April 03, 2007
A noun that describes a man that attempts to fuck a goat but then decides to fuck another man instead
Geez dude! I could have gone to jail last night for animal abuse but i pulled a Heymans instead! Thank goodness!
by Pieter Poes March 05, 2015
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