A greeting used by Deadheads, taken from the Mardi Gras song "Iko Iko" that the Dead often performed at shows.
Hey now, hey now, iko iko all day. Giacomo fina, ah na ney, giacomo fina ney.
by Woody Thomas February 19, 2006
Top Definition
the signature greeting,and mantra, of fictional sidekick Hank Kingsley (Jeffery Tambor) on fictional late night t.v. talk show The Larry Sanders Show.
" And me, Hey noooow..Hank Kingsley.
by Shellyden December 20, 2006
The popular synonym to "Hello" that Howard Stern and friends use on his radio show.
"Hey now Howard, im calling from Kansas"
"Hey now brother"
by Cameron A December 14, 2005
A phrase that can either be used as a greeting, or as a demonstration of good humor. Made famous by the King of all Media Howard Stern.
He deserves a hey now!, for that.
by Blind Psychologist January 06, 2008
A very hot girl is a Heynow. Derived from radio personality Howard Sterns reaction "hey now!" when seeing a gorgeous girl.
There's a Heynow browsing the coat section.

You broke up with Brooke? She was a total Heynow.
by Rappeezy May 03, 2016
A way to start a conversation with a firend or companion.
Hey now! What's going on dog?
by Frodo85210 January 03, 2008
Hey now is an exclamation typically used when an exceedingly attractive female has made her presence known.
It can alternatively be used as a noun that refers to a particularly attractive female.
1. "Hey now. There is something to write home about"
2. "Well was she a hey now, or not?"
3. "Wow, thats a hey now if ive ever seen one!"
by Goat + Bonst May 30, 2007
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