Another one of Lil' Jon's popular catchphrases that he says in songs that feature him. This is the lesser known one. The other three are YEAH, OKAY, and WHAT?!.
Lil' Jon: HEY! yeah... OKAY-OKAY-OKay...!
Usher: Yeah-eah-eah-eah!
by Link January 23, 2005
i Love You and i want you in my bed to night baby!
HEEEEY Hott stuff!
by Julisa April 13, 2004
chicken broth for a soup---european
put some hey in the pot
by bean March 05, 2005
a source of "hi". horses eat it stupid
"hey wut up dawg, get out my grill son fore i grill somethin on it." said the gangstrrrr.
by Gabby_pumpernickle November 10, 2003
Say someone walks into science about half an hour late. You would go HEY! in a corny accent and make them look like and feel like complete losers. Also make sure you put your thumb up and look more cheesy....yeah...
Person 1: Sorry I'm Late Miss.

Person 2: HEY!
by so I say HEY! March 18, 2004

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