Southern version of hi--this is actually much more common than saying yawl. Can be substituted for good morning, good afternoon, good evening, hello, hi, hiya, etc..
Typically used all by itself in a greeting and in return. Pronounced as almost having 2 syllables by extending the length of the word as it is sounded out. The 1st person says it with a higher tone of voice, while the replier says it a little lower.
by Belly Bea July 24, 2004
a slang term used in New England in place of a Greeting. Not rude or impatient just used as a neutral greeting to any person regardless of the mood. Used among the youth constantly and seen as rude by older people.
(conversation continues normally)
by Nate J. November 07, 2005
1. Common greeting among almost anyone who can talk
2. In Canadian is pronounced "Eh"
3. My last name. It's actually Hey.
1. Hey, do you speaka da English?
2. I'm Canadian,eh?
3. Jon Hey
by Jon Hey April 11, 2006
how are you or how are you doing?
"hey sup annie"
by niyati February 05, 2004
Shortened for "Hello you spit fuck, get your ass over here and let me beat your ass until the skin flaps off." Or also could be short for "Hello, get your bitch ass, punk ass, bitch made face out of here and get the coke I supplied you with, Mutha Fucka."
Hey Carlito, I'll kill you if you don't get the stuff back by midnight.
by Jackie Nol April 28, 2010
A last name, originated in England.
Hello, my name is Nancy Hey.

Hi, George Hey.
by KHey1 July 10, 2008
Hey is for horses, silly.
Horse: "I FUCKING love HEY."
by Mister Miser March 27, 2008
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