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An exclaimation and the famous punchline of a 1998 story that originated when a large African American woman trying to steal a 15 lb Kretschmar Baked Ham from the long-closed Foodland supermarket on Jefferson Avenue in St. Louis MO's Lafayette Square neighborhood by putting it between her legs under a housedress and trying to shimmy up towards the exit with it failed miserably.
This story was first told in St. Louis, MO and at the University of Missouri at Columbia by a witness to the event. A witness also had ties to Ohio, Pennsylvania, NYC, and Arizona where similar variations of this story have since surfaced and several people claim this story to be theirs.
To clarify, some vesrions of this story have been told using a turkey and some have used a rump roast.
Other outcomes to this story have been "Who frew da' ham!?" as told by a late oratory plagerist in NYC and "Who put that turkey up my skirt!?" by some lying skank at a bar in St. Louis, MO.
A cousin to this story set at the Jack In The Box restarant on Olive Street in Unversity City, MO where a woman yelled at the Manager and telling her "Just because you a BIG GUUUURL you ain't gotta be mad at the world... because shit, bitch, it looks like you ain't neva' been pushed back from the table" is unrelated but has been told in tandem.
Don't be fooled folks... see the REAL story in the example below...
A woman is waddling up the frozen food aisle shuffling her feet and pushing a filled grocery cart. As she nears the checkout lanes, a 15 lb Kretschmarr Baked Ham falls out from under her dress where she had been trying to hold it between her legs. When bystanders all look in amazement the woman realizes she is caught and exclaims, "HEY! Who frew dat ham at me!?"

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