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Leaving text messages hoping something bad happens to someone, like a hex or a curse.
Mike's ex girl has been hexting him for weeks hoping he'll get some sort of incurable tumor. I'm guessing she hasn't gotten over finding him in bed with her mother.
by Dr. Claw January 24, 2009
Holy texting, texting holy matter to one's friends, communicating holy messages through texting.
Today Maggie was hexting me, and one was a sound hext saying a hail mary, it really uplifted my spirits.

I sexted someone....but to make up for it I hexted them later.

Hexting is addicting, I love getting holy texts!
by aballer91 March 31, 2010
the act of sending or receiving hate texts
Yo I hooked up with this girl, hit that shit and then dropped her like a bad habit. Now the bitch won't stop hexting me.
by crazy poser June 01, 2010
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