An obnoxious, tacky town on Long Island. Everyone here tries so hard to impress their neighbor that they forget how passe and unbecoming they appear. It's not that those in Hewlett have that much money, they just like to wave it in your face.
"Have you seen that girl with the chalcedony Yurman necklace? She's from Hewlett. Her nose is plastic. Her house is contemporary. Her BMW is leased. Ew."
by anonymousgirl1 June 03, 2007
Top Definition
a wonderful and imaginary land where rich peeple and poor people live together in harmony. the rich people come from the east and the poor people come from the west and the middle classed peeple lie in between this whimsical world of dreams. the rich,poor and middle classed people integrate into the local high school,the heart and soul of this dreamland, where drugs from the poor people are sold to the rich people and where hugs from the rich people are given to the middle classed people. where B.M.Ws, Porsches, Mercedes, Range Rovers, and Audis are driven by the rich, where bikes, skateboards and scooters are driven by the middle class,and where hand-me-down shoes and rusty old bikes are driven by the poor. in this land of unimaginable opportunities poor people grow up to be janitors and lawn mowers, middle classed people grow up to be teachers and nurses, and rich people grow up to be lawn mowing company owners, Doctors and lawyers. Many people have never seen a place like this, a place that even if you need a job and are broke, a rich pal will get his mom or dad to give you a job. a place where rich people wear Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle Outfitters, Gucci, Versace,Tommy Hillfiger, Ralph Lauren and many many more. a place where poor and middle classed people get a lot of the same clothes as the rich people but they are fake or bought at stores like T.J Maxx where reject clothes are sold. the land known as Hewlett has a harbor that is located in the rich people part, its said the water of this harbor is so enchanted with the gas of the motor boats that drive on it and the feces of the fish that die in it, that a few sips of this holy water will send you straight to hell. many people claim that there is no such thing as Hewlett but i know that it exists, i am a middle classed person! i have seen both sides of this land!!! the government cant cover it up any longer!!!!!! Dont believe anything they told you!!!!! if you build it they will come!!! head to the timony pop groves and jelly bean fields to see the merry light of broken sassy wings!!!! now do the shaka shaka boom throw up them clappies and sing to the lefty no-internet bunny bunny hairy johns!!!!! remember u need to belieeeeeeeve!!!!!! now go do as i say and one day you will see hewlett over the hills of gold and through the seas of hotgod flavored water!!!!!!! trust me everything ive said so far is true!!!!!
sniff sniff take a whiff of the doodie smell!!!!!!
by ur dads hairy nipple March 30, 2005
See disturbia. You see, these two words are synonymous. When in Hewlett one should listen to Disturbia; likewise, when in Disturbia one should listen to Hewlett.
Matthias: Hay guise im packing a nice juicy wad of peach skoal right about now
Allison: Oh hai. You are tots male model status!

Throw on your break lights
We're in the city of wonder
Ain't gonna play nice
Watch out, you might just go under
Better think twice
Your train of thought will be altered
So if you must faulter be wise
Your mind is in Hewlett
It's like the darkness is the light
Am I scaring you tonight
by Matthias Jones June 11, 2008
School of a girl named arielle!
arielle: heyy girl heyyy
boy: mad cool hewlett girl
arielle: your gayyy
by youaresocool1212 May 19, 2008
A pest-control company that uses midgets in their commercials.
"Bugs in our house? Let's call Hewlett!" - Midget #1 (don't know their names)
by Mountain King August 04, 2004
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