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hewitt ave, the street in downtown everett with all the bars

where your mostlikely to find drunks, junkies, street kids, and prostitutes and some amout of lawyers due to a public defenders office.

with a block raiduis of 8 bars this street is fun for everyone

unless you happen to live here in one of the many apartment buildings nesseld on top of the bars or eaterys
"hey man lets go to hewitt ave to grab some beers and pizza then we can go to keroki"-person that doesnt live here

"hey man im tired of all the fucking drunks, bumbs and prositutes on my stoop on hewitt ave."- me and most of whom lives here sept the junkies im prety sure they like their crusty std infested pussies and their dirty needles
by sick and tired of hewitt June 13, 2010
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