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Gay male slut, assmerchant. Implying that he is a whore for other men.
Did you see that hewhore at Tea Cozy last night. He has slept with half of this city.
by Vern Nacular October 05, 2006
4 2
n. a male whore. one who spends his finances, free-time and energy sleeping with (or attempting to sleep with) as many women as possible. standards are irrelevant; the he-whore simply wants to add notches to his bedpost and often will sleep with buffet queens, co-workers, cougars, sorostitutes, the inebriated and the mentally under-developed.

he-whores can be identified by their habitual over-grooming, watching themselves in any mirror they walk past, and dressing in clothing meticulously selected to appear as though they don't care what they are wearing at all. they are insecure and require frequent validation (eg: why yes, Ben, your pecs do look bigger!).

v. to attempt to sleep with a vast array of women through any means possible. see definition of he-whore, noun, above.
noun: man, that VonDielingen guy is a real he-whore - he had sex with his fat neighbor last night, and showed up late to his girlfriend's birthday party!

verb: my good friend Ben has been he-whoring for years- I think he finally got genital warts.
by doctor hotpants September 12, 2009
31 3
A man who sleeps with as many women as he can and is not ashamed of himself for doing so.
Damn, Henry has slept with half the city!

Well you know he's a He Whore.
by Delicate Heart January 11, 2012
3 2