When you're not gay and not straight, something like bisexual but it makes it sound less, "gay" in a way.
I am so heteroflexible.
by SWAGISGAY April 13, 2013
When you dont have a specific gender taste,

Eg: Not gay or straight nor bi

Or you dont want to affiliate yourself with just one label.
You dont mind dating a girl, guy, transgendered, or any other type of gender. A HeteroFlexible
by JooooLike me too January 11, 2012
A primarily straight individual who, in the right circumstances, would hook up with a person of the same sex.
No, he's not gay, but he's cool and heteroflexible.
by John W. Wilson April 07, 2007
a way of saying "gay" and or "bi-sexual" with humour and wit, sure to disarm even the angriest redkneck bible thumper, or at least make them think so you have time to run
"I'm not gay, im hetero-flexible"
by texasccrazy October 05, 2005
Just another term for being bisexual that people who are bisexual yet closeted use so they can hold onto a Heterosexual identity that never existed at all and avoid identifying as bisexual and avoid all of the stigma and biphobia that comes with identifying and being out as bisexual.
Girl: I'm Heteroflexible it lets me hold onto a quasi-heterosexual identity while not having to come out as bisexual and avoid all of the biphobia from Lesbians!
by Dave21876 February 08, 2011
Straight people who are very supportive of gay people and the gay community. A straight person who supports homosexuality, without being homosexual themselves.
Sally goes to all those gay support charities!
Yeah man, she's heteroflexible!
by Geminia December 27, 2010
A person who identifies as heterosexual except when they have thier mouth on the genitailia of a member of the same sex.
His true sexual attraction is to women but on occasion, when he finds a cock in his mouth, he's heteroflexible.
by Ms. Natasja August 07, 2003

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