someone who does not consider themselves bisexual because they do not date people of both sexes but still thinks people from both sexes are attractive and may or may not engage in sexual activities with said person
jane:i made out with that chick in bio last night

hannah:whoa i didnt know you were bi

jane: im not im heteroflexible
by anotherboredchickonline November 08, 2009
In the swinging lifestyle someone who will let a person of the same gender preform a sexual act on them, but never reciprocate.
Female #1: Oh she is so sexy, I think I'm gonna try and get me some of that!
Female #2: Honey just skip it she's only Heteroflexible.
Female #1: T#@t tease
by ilovesexy September 17, 2013
When you're not gay and not straight, something like bisexual but it makes it sound less, "gay" in a way.
I am so heteroflexible.
by SWAGISGAY April 13, 2013
When you dont have a specific gender taste,

Eg: Not gay or straight nor bi

Or you dont want to affiliate yourself with just one label.
You dont mind dating a girl, guy, transgendered, or any other type of gender. A HeteroFlexible
by JooooLike me too January 11, 2012
A primarily straight individual who, in the right circumstances, would hook up with a person of the same sex.
No, he's not gay, but he's cool and heteroflexible.
by John W. Wilson April 07, 2007
a way of saying "gay" and or "bi-sexual" with humour and wit, sure to disarm even the angriest redkneck bible thumper, or at least make them think so you have time to run
"I'm not gay, im hetero-flexible"
by texasccrazy October 05, 2005
A person who identifies as heterosexual except when they have thier mouth on the genitailia of a member of the same sex.
His true sexual attraction is to women but on occasion, when he finds a cock in his mouth, he's heteroflexible.
by Ms. Natasja August 07, 2003
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