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A washed up,greasy,skinny longhair. Known back in the 80's for chronic bike thievery, the stolen ten speed would be altered so the handle bars would sit upside down. Generally homophobic but are usually prone to turgid dick toking sessions on the sly.

The king of all heshers is the singer from "desensitized", a tired, shitty band of old washed up Victoria, BC heshers
Man, that hesher just rode up on my neigbor's bike and tried to sell me a chunk of black bubble gum. He called it "hosh".
by hater of heshers July 13, 2004
129 132
1. See also Butt Rocker.

2. Any form of rock music and / or listener, sporting a mullet, eye makeup, hairspray, tight acid washed jeans and hi-top Reeboks.

3. A stringed / percussion band with a soprano vocalist fitting the above description. These musicians (and followers) usually look and sound more like women than men. (Examples: Poison, Winger, Great White etc.). These hesher bands usually have large followings of people in white trash neighborhoods. Common physical signs are their lack of teeth, due to a regular diet of crank tiners.
Silly hesher, teef are for rich people!
by Matt Hoyt February 18, 2004
24 53
Acid wash jeans, old reeboks or nikes, loonggg dirty hair, listens to classic rock. conservative.
21 55
Hesher usually describes a certain kind of skater, e.g. TNT(Tony Trujillo) or Jim Greco. A hesher wears tight, worn out clothes and acts tough. Most pro skaters that are heshers acutally kick ass, but i hate poser kids who think they are the shit. Oh well, you got your definition, now go shred!!
Corey Duffel is a hesher.
by Black Jack April 11, 2004
97 143