When one performs oral sex on ones ass
YO! This girl gave me a hershey kiss, and I said thanx bia.
by The Yeddi September 21, 2005
Anal sex. Sometimes can also refer to anallinguis.
Jimmy is off getting hershey kisses tonight.
by Chris Hart June 22, 2005
The licking of someone's ass crack
Last night after dinner I gave my girlfriend a hersey kiss.
by Dino November 02, 2003
Fecal matter that has been expelled from the anus, then squeezed off. The protruding end flares against the underwear and thus creates a distinct hershey kiss shaped piece of shit.
Amanda: "I just squeezed off another hershey kiss."

Jon: "Girls don't actually shit or fart, do they?"
by DrMullet February 16, 2004
when 1 of ur friends is asleep and you lay a little turd on their mouth
I dropped a hershey kiss on him last night
by jo man January 24, 2004

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