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German word for "Mr." or "Mister".
Herr Smith ist sehr gut.
by Toskinator September 24, 2005
Beers, either bottled or canned
"Hey, can get get me a herr from the fridge."
"What are we drinking tonight? You got any herrs."
by Robbis McGuillity February 22, 2008
An individual who has been raised in a redneck, white trash environment but who has become a wigger. Herrs share many traits with wiggers but can usually be distinguished by the seemingly-grown-since-puberty mustache, often referred to as a herr-stache. The origin of the name herr is disputed.
Oh my god, Panama City Beach is overrun with fucking herrs.
by M. Rainey, the Poosie November 17, 2009
1. A person who is so fat that they waddle when they walk, or they don't have the ability to walk at all.
2. A person who is incredibly ugly, so much so, that they may as well be obese.
3. Any shmoopy looking person in general.

note: this term does not apply to people with natural deformities or birth defects. this term only applies to the fat, lazy fucks that eat themselves into oblivion.

*pronounced like hurt but without the T.
Clarence: Hey, look at that fat fucker waddling down the sidewalk.
Liam: Watch out for that herr!

Isaiah: That super hot chick is with that obese slob! What the fuck?
Miles: I guess she's bringing the herr.
by VenomySnicket August 02, 2010
referring to the place in which you are currently (i.e. "here")
as in: it's gettin' hot in herr

see also her (definition #2)
by sslgb4 February 08, 2005