Something punks on the down low get in their rear, mouth or ear!
"Leroy say he wunt on da down low. But I knowen how he git them herpes in da moff. It wat from eaten no black pussy cuz he kno what it been up in dems!"
by Master Eagle April 26, 2004
an STD transmitted by Kelly Brown.
Oh no! Kelly didn't mention that she had herpes before you had sex? What a shame.
by herpes March 06, 2005
something that sucks really bad. (cos herpes DOES suck aparently) or something really sketchy.
"Oh man that pop quiz today was so herpes"
"the dining hall closing an hour early was way herpes"
by bacon and eggs May 22, 2004
the main std manifested in nikki
see nikki
i slept with nikki and now i have herpes
by skank master jasper December 07, 2005
itchy painful bumps on the genitalia. contracted from ho bags
Matt G. has herpes on his wang.
by Gbizzle October 11, 2003
(verb)the art of sexually pleasing your partner orally
Bo protested after Hubie offered him herpes.
by General May 01, 2005
Herpes-most commonly found on the parrot...*cough* justina *cough*...she currently resides at CCHS in Lawrence, MA.
she thinks that kara is a ho...but she has herpes...yes...u heard me...herpes.
See justina a.k.a the parrot for details
by evanderillion February 17, 2005

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