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a single herpes virus. If you are infected with a single herpes virus, that means you don't have herpes. You just have a herpe.
Shut up! I don't have herpes, I just have a herpe.
by G'z Nutz September 11, 2004
24 29
after a vigiros hour of having sex with a dog then getting big old ugly warts on your testicles and having andre lick them off
oii last night i got herpes
by 12345673452426g September 21, 2011
2 8
herpes oconnell
by the haterz February 11, 2011
2 9
A term used by Spanish speaking individuals.
Hey vato, your piece of pie fell on the floor so my sister is going to give you herpes!
by MIrageChopper December 11, 2008
11 18
A disease you get from another person that results in having cold sores all over your face or on your genitals. The virus is called herpes and you can get it from family members if you have sexual contact with them or if they touch you in places they aren't suppose to.

I as a virgin contracted herpes, from family member so I know these things.

Others may get herpes from sexual contact with a partner that has the disease.

Having herpes isn't easy. People look at me as if there is something wrong with me. It's literally written on my face.
by Salvatore Harry Vitale IV. October 30, 2008
12 20
1. Something that trey buevens uses to summon his dog or brothers
2. A sexually transmitted "Problem"
3. An insult
4. Something that you learn about in health class
5. Something MOST health teachers have
6. Something that you can catch if you do not line the toilet seat at your local Burger King
7. A bad word in jesus eyes; jesus says herpies are bad
1.Tre: Here herpie boy, c'mon herpes
2. Bonquiefa: Oh mah god, i had sex with michael and i caught herpes
3.Titala: You are a herpe(occured more oftenly used in the 1930s
4.Mr. Liberty: Herpes are sores
5.Mr.L: Now class look at my second degree case of herpes flamin hot red eeeowchies
6. Ashlee: Yesterday i got herpes from BQ when i didnt line the toilet seat
by Trey Buevens November 01, 2004
1 11
Red crusty bumps that one has on one's face or genitals. Very repulsive to the opposite sex and is a life ban against sexual relations in most cases unless you find another herpetic partner to engage with.

A social disease that can be embarrassing- especially if you're walking around with it on your face.
Being obese and having herpes, Vitale found it very hard to get a date.
by nolse January 27, 2009
24 36