the virus that causes that itchy feeling after you screw the class slut.
"What the-. . . Herpes?!. . .must have gotten 'em from whats-her-face."
by Fatass February 13, 2003
When older guys mess around with too many girls. They find a young innocent girl, make out with them. And then for the rest of their life have this ugly "cold sore" on their lip. AKA HERPES!!
OH my guys he gave me herpes!
by CHAHA May 30, 2005
Herpes simplex 2 is the type that are on your gential area. People who have this are usually also the type that may have Percy disease (genital warts)
Nick has herpes
by nicks sister January 02, 2009
A good bye STD gift that is giving to you from an ex.
Charles: I'm moving on Ann, because this relationship is not working for me.

Ann: On baby make love to me one more time before you go.

Charles: ....that was a good fuck Ann, thank you and Good bye!

Ann: oh by the way, I gave you a good bye gift it's called herpes !!!
by Dominions May 28, 2012
What my wife has won prizes for at the local flower show.
'wonderful display of herpes there!'
by Igg December 19, 2004
A sexually transferred disease.
That guy has herpes.
by Jimbodium September 28, 2009
The name that Comedian Chelsea Handler has given to the assbag duo of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag from "The Hills".
A case of Herpes was on the cover of U.S. Weekly recently.
by Gormass June 21, 2009

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