A LIFE SENTENCE for inoccent people
After my girlfriend returned from Brazil. She was kind of a different girl, Her heart was not there, it was like she did not care. Now there is hair where it used to be bare. No matter what she did the smell and sores were just morbid.
She could of left and it would have been fine, but now my crotch smells like rotten bovine. This is something that will never leave. And to think I was mad she screwed my friend Steve.
by willismagee August 29, 2007
the gift that keeps on giving
"When I was first diagnosed with genital herpes -- an incurable, lifelong sexually transmitted disease -- I felt like I had been given a death sentence. The initial pain from the genital herpes outbreak (which included bleeding sores and genital lesions) was overwhelming and overbearing." - Gina's Story
by RASHole May 26, 2004
those nasty red sores or crusty lookin red bumps near the mouth. nasty as hell. cold sores.
dont kiss him he got herpes yuck
by big bear February 25, 2005
Herpes is an STD that can't be cured. You don't have to be a whore to get them, it's a possibility to get them because your current boyfriend (or girlfriend) once dated and married a whore that would get pissed at you cause she thinks The Who song Baba O'Riley is actually called Teenage Wasteland and leave you for a few months, sleep with another guy, or twelve, and come back to you and deny ever having something. Then when someone innocent comes along, he doesn't mention anything about it until it's too late. Yes the disease is hard to deal with emotionally at first but you learn to get over it and you can always take medicine to prevent an outbreak or instantly take it away if you start to get one and it will also prevent from passing it on. And it usually makes you feel that you're either stuck with the person you're with or you can't ever have sex with anyone else cause you don't want them to know or you don't want to pass it on. Outbreaks hurt like hell, sometimes so bad you can't even walk. Some people may only have one outbreak, possibly none and never know they have it. Be sure that if you're about to sleep with someone, check to see that person has any red bumps that don't look normal and are sensitive, or red scab that is probably peeling a layer of skin, it's most likely herpes. If you already do have them, just remember that you're not alone and there's a lot more people that have them than you think.
herpes = STD
by whatsherbutt March 19, 2011
Really painful std. No cure. Blisters. Pustules. Can be transferred from LIPS to ASS people. Herpes simplex can transfer from mouth to genitals and vice versa. OOOU! Good reason to wear a condom! Need to be on outbreak to be diagnosed! Please help find a cure.
"No glove no love!"
"Vasaline takes my pain away!"
"It buuuurns! OMFG It buuuuurns!"
"Ptsd and herpes! What a fucken asshole you are!"
"Sentenced to a life of pain."
by Sir Assburnalot October 27, 2008
A possibly more appealing name to the company AIG, which so effectively fucked people over, much like the disease.
Bob: Man, herpes is costing me a lot of dough!

John: Is that because you're inflamed or because you invested with them?

Bob: A little bit of both actually.
by BigDongJuan March 27, 2009
cluster of blister like sores around your gentials called herpes simplex II, or Herpes simplex I which is cold sore . The virus stays in your nerve system untill it's ready to appear so you could of gotten it from some one in the pastnot neccersarily your recent partner, sometimes painfull sometimes just a itching feeling. It doesnt' cause deaf, breaks out only occur when your stressed.
I had sex with my first love 2 years ago i found out he was sleeping with my best friend who has herpes now i gave it to my new boyfriend cause i just broke out i should of use protection with my ex even though i loved him and trusted him.
by sweetbrown April 17, 2006
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