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A condition in which a person has multiple STDs. Usually acquired by promiscuous fucktards who refuse to use condoms during intercourse. Used to signify how nasty someone is.
I heard John got herpagonosyphilaids from all those hooknasties.
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
a combination of herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and AIDS; usually aquired from extremely promiscuous/dangerous behavior
Rachel had fucked over seventy dudes, so naturally everyone assumed she had herpagonosyphilaids.
by R&B December 30, 2005
What is contracted after one too many one-night-stands with less than well groomed members of the opposite(or same) sex.
An STD smorgasbord containing herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and AIDS.
Dude, I knew you shouldnt have gone to that orgy! Now you've gone and got herpagonosyphilaids!
by Jake Artsyboy August 23, 2008
A combination of the four STD's Herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and AIDS. Commonly found in African American prostitutes, and large southern women.

Symptoms include: Itchyness, bleeding of the genetalia, and long term to permanate pubic baldness.
Doug: Wow, that chick has a ton of STD's!
Manny: Yea it must be herpagonosyphilAIDs.
by TiGoNThEGrEaT February 26, 2010
Coined by my old roommate, the term refers to the simultaneous contraction of humankind's most popular/common Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
That guy I banged last night was so skeezy, he for SURE gave me herpagonosyphilaids!
by Kate78 August 23, 2007