the dance move in which the legs are bent, in a squat, bringing the butt very close to the floor, and arms move around retarded-ly.
Katrina: Hey! Look at Dalia! She's doing the herpaderp!

Amir: What a retard.
by ka96 July 02, 2011
A fancy, more awesome name for herpes.
That bitch got the herpaderp!
by Sed41 March 16, 2011
Fuck a ho and you might just get the herp a derp.
by timmy9999 June 01, 2011
A skank.
Someone who gets around.
A girl with a very slutty background.
Herp-a-derp=girl with herpes or high possibility of having them!
Destiny is a herp-a-derp because she screwed everyone she dates.

Destiny is a herp-a-derp because she flirts with everyone and lets boys get a feel on without giving a crap.

by ArkansasHippie. January 22, 2011
the act of pressing the door close button on an elevator when someone tells you to keep the door open
He got stuck in the lobby after that dickwad herp a derped him
by Rabbi Goldstein January 22, 2011
The sound used to describe melee killing somebody in Halo: Reach.
First strike:Herp
Pull back:a
Second strike:derp
You should have seen me man! I ran up to this bitch and herp-a-derped him good!
by How is this name being used? October 16, 2010
A woman who is cute but dumb; Herp: Cute girl; Derp: Dumb
GF: Umm... Derp. Let's go to the mall.

L: Kevin your girlfiend is a Herp-a-Derp....
K: No she isn't.
by Koowhipfluke October 25, 2010

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