A cool drug that all the cool kids are doing. Don't you want to be cool? You take it by injecting it into your arm with a needle. That's hardcore.

If you don't have a needle you can probably find one laying around on the ground in the nearest alley. Also, you can find them in your doctor's office neatly organized in a large box on the wall.

If you can't find one in these places you should ask a friend if you can use his needle. Since everyone who does heroin is really cool he will surely let you have it.
My grandpa has a bunch of needles in his house for some reason, I think he has diabetes. I wanted the needles to shoot heroin with so I hit him in the head with a broom and stole them all.
by Bloodbath 87 March 06, 2009
Next to Methamphetamine, Heroin is the worst narcotic you could ever put in your body. Heroin is derived from the poppy plant like Opium and Morphine, is a opiate derived narcotic. Opium plants can be grown all over the world but one of the key places is Shanghi, China. The first person to synthesise and create Heroin was a English chemist, named Alder Wright. When chemist Felix Hoffman found out about Wrights idea, he was told to make codeine out of heroin. Ater he was successfull Heroin was sold over the counter from 1898 to 1910 as a cough supressant, and a medicine to help alchoholics quit drinking. Heroin's name is derived from the German word "heroisch" meaning "heroic" because of the heroic, self confident boost users first recieve from the high. Depending on the amount of heroin used, a user could just get a bad hang over and feel slightly nausous, or actually experience dope sickness. Dope sickness is a period of time, related to when nicotene addict is craving a ciggarette, and the user experiences sharp nervous tension, yet the difference is dope sickness is purely physical aswell. A user could throw up, feel feverish, have sudden spasms, and become absolutely lathargic with no energy. They can also become violent or highly emotional. Some people are so addicted to heroin they cannot eat if they do not have their drugs. In any case heroin not only messes your mental criteria severly by screwing with your brain, it drastically supresses your immune system. Just like people diagnosed with HIV, heroin addicts are much more succeptable to catching viruses and diseases, because their bodies are unable to fight off bacteria easily. The most common infection would be staph infections, followed by a cocktail of sicknesses consisting of blood infections,meningitus, any disease related to the skin including body lice (scabies),cycsnic acne,boils,liver infection or damage, inflammed heart (oversized heart, aka heart disease.) Because heroin is used intervenusously users (by sharing a needle or just by being in a dirty place while boosting drugs) can easily recieve HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Tetnis, Lukimia, and much more terrifying, and death defying viruses and diseases. Demonic souless drug that makes people into zombies.
"I had not taken a bath in a year nor changed my clothes or removed them except to stick a needle every hour in the fibrous grey wooden flesh of heroin addiction. I did absolutely nothing." (William S. Burroughs )

"I've seen Keith fall asleep at business meetings about millions of dollars for him-because of heroin, just nod out and then wake up and answer a question. " (Charlie Watts )

"It did not feel like something that was going to take over my life and destroy it. It felt like a subtle flower instead of a manipulative demon. That's the mystery of heroin. " (Corey Feldman)
by Mr.Frogmite September 19, 2009
n. derived from morphine, a powerful and highly addictive, bitter white powder narcotic, C21H28NO5.It's manufacturing, import and distribution is currently prohibited in the United States.
Heroin makes me very claustrophobic and paranoid. Almost like I was scared of everyone. Needless to say it was a bad experience.
by greedy tompkins July 21, 2004
Sit's alone on top of the drug tree.
"Watch Trainspotting to learn about heroin."
by Diego August 18, 2003
Heroin, a cousin of morphine and a man made degenerate of Poppy, a plant that grows naturally and whose seeds are milked and used in pain killers. Opium from poppy seeds are natural however they cause addiction and they hurt the body by causing respiratory collapse, heroin is NOT natural, it was made by man, working for a company named Bayer, of Bayer aspirin developed the drug synthetically (chemically).

Quite Frankly, the stupidest mistake you will ever make in your life if you decide to "try" this man made abomination. To those who have thier opinions shaped easily by others, Do not , I REPEAT DO NOT, listen to those on this website encouraging the use, or even softening the appearance of Heroin. It is evil. Pure and simple. Why, in the world would you ever try such a thing? When the perfect plant that gets you just as high and heals you exist.

To those who want to try a drug, use marijuana. Never try heroin, crack, or anything that is man made, it will eventually catch up with you and kill you. Real talk right now.

Man made beer, cigarettes, crack, cocaine, heroin, LSD, PCP, Methamphetamine and the rest of the man made drugs.

God made marijuana that grows naturally and heals all sorts of cancers and helps with HIV/AIDS infection.

Who would you trust?
Joey: Man I've always wanted to try something cool..

Rich: I've got something for you bro..

(Joey and Rich walk by a street corner and there laying on the cement is a dirty man with a needle in his arm who appears to be constantly falling asleep and waking up subsequently over and over)

Joey: What the fuck is wrong with that guy?!!!!!

Rich: Man he's addicted to heroin... They call that right there "nodding off", it's a really stupid thing to try bro, that shit is not natural and you could easily kill yourself, become completely and utterly addicted to that shit. Made by man, fuck that I'm NEVER going near that shit! But this right here! (presents marijuana) this is all natural and will even help you with your asthma man! Gotta love mother nature bro!!

Joey: What's that?

Rich: Its an herb bro, grows naturally unlike the chemical soup that are all the other drugs, it was made by god and nature and heals the sick bro, and gets you to think in a different perspective about everything bro. It's the only thing worth trying of all the the drugs.

Joey: (Sniffs the Marijuana) that smells good! What's the name?
Rich: Bro, this is the AK-47 straight from the grow farm! Helps with pain and puts you to bed!

Joey: Sounds fun! Let's try it son!

Don't try any man made drug, not even once, or you may never be able to close that door ever again.
by Not Even Once. March 23, 2011
1. Quite possibly the worst and most addictive drug in the universe. The original way to cop it is via hyperdermic needles. Dirty needles can also give you some terrible diseases, including AIDS. It can also be snorted and then there's Mexican tar, which is smoked and can stop your heart in under 30 seconds. Either method can give you a quick "rush" but when it wears off you are really DOWN and you crash real hard.

2. In the 60s the Velvet Underground wrote a song called "Heroin". The pace and tempo of the music speeds up as Lou Reed sings the words describing the rush: smack gets into the veins, I feel like Jesus' son, etc. Then the electric viola puts out a slow drone and Lou stretches out the chorus words to similate the downful drag that comes after the fix wears off. At the last verse the electric guitar and electric viola rev it up in an onslaught and the drummer pounds the skins rapidly to emulate a junkie's pulse while on the fix again. Of course, this rapid increase in music playing, among other aspects of this song) became one of many inspirations for what would later be referred to as punk rock.
1. Richard from Reno, Nevada turned himself for detox treatment in Northern California. His IV use of heroin caused the veins in both his arms to collapse, making them solid purple. They looked like a massive bad tattoo botch job.

2. Heeeehhhh-ro-o-o-innn
It's my life
And it's my wife
It's going to be the death of me!


3. Geoff Tate of Queensryche described the motive behind the writing of "The Needle Lies". He said he never touched that smack but he knew some people who have. He said, "It's shit".

4. One time I was surfing the Net and I came upon a strange website. It detailed about how the Taliban cultivates opium, from which heroin is derived. The pagemaster exhorted junkies to be "patriotic" and quit buying horse from the Afghanistan region and to buy and use Mexican tar heroin only. (!). No shit. I ain't kidding. Can you believe it?!
by New World Man July 23, 2009
Potent opiate narcotic with a narrow therapeutic index (i.e., difference between an effective dose and a lethal dose is small). Side effects include narcosis, respiratory depression.
Heroin is not a suitable substitute for morphine.
by Marty October 22, 2003

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