A guy who only dates and hooks up with fat and unattractive girls. He heards fat girls like cattle.
Daddy: Aaaaaaaaaaaye Lavonte! You hook up with that one fine bitch last night?

Lavonte: Are you kidding?!?! She had bomb tits and ass, her face was nice, and she had a great body. Hell no. I only like fat bitches. If you see a fat cow around let me know.

Daddy: Ooo..your a herder? Well i guess fat girls need love too.
by Yung Midnite February 28, 2011
Top Definition
A person who shames people in an attempt to get them to conform to the behavior of a group. Typically used by socialist/collectivists to browbeat others to conform to their group thought.
That liberal is such a herder. I was at my friend's party and this herder was in my face.
by Bombay55 August 24, 2009
A cop who is totally insane and hell-bent on arresting teens for drinking and breaking up parties, most likely because of a lack of exposure to vagina and real police work. If there was a party nearby, Herder's will often hide in bushes awaiting their prey, then ambush any teen with a backpack or open beer, yelling some nonsense police code or "OH SHIT! ITS THE COPS!".
Guy 1: What happened to you guy's last night?
Guy 2: Fuckin cops busted the party so we were gonna take the trail but i guess Herder was campin out waiting for us so we got a fine and Matt got taken to the tank.
by Mavis Dorton January 19, 2010
1) A job that requires one to be experienced in the art of herding

2) A sick complete artist. He draws tight stuff such as comics and some like deep weird paintings that like no one can get cuz hes a genius. He also is a pretty sick guitarist, he jams a lot, often for very long periods of time. A Herder is influenced by all styles of music but most notably jam bands. Naturally a Herder is always looking for a deep personal experience brought on by hallucinogens. Yet a Herder still takes the time to get fucked up. When high or drunk, or crunk, the Herder often philosophizes about foreign policy, war on drugs, and other socio-political stuff. What a Herder has in personality, the Herder lacks in looks. The Herder often has very large hair similar to a white man afro. The Herder is often mistaken for Kenny G or Marge Simpson. Makes frequent trips to Jack in the Box, but is now a vegetarian

3) A tight guy to be around, even though I never get any ladies with him cuz he looks like either kenny g or marge simpson. Somehow, the ladies like that look and they blow him often
1) Woaaaaa, look at that Herder. That man sure can control a sheep!

2) Homey Numero Uno: Hey dude, I'll be straight up with you, I'm kinda baked. But we should like totally have a sick little jam sesh, or maybe a little paint sesh, maybe a little bike ride to the jack to get some dank food. But lets def philosiphize.
Homey #2: That sounds pretty sick, Herder.

3) Hot Blonde with tig ole bitties: Woa is that Kenny G, wait no it kinda looks like Marge Simpson.
Me: Naw its a Herder, hes a tight guy
Hot Blonde with the titties: I am having this strange urge to blow him.
Herder: Aw yeah bitch, suck my 10 inch fatty d. Maybe we can jam later?
by sixnine king September 04, 2006
a guy who flirts with alot girls and leads them on
i talk to so many women im like the herder up in the mountains.
by don geva July 07, 2010
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