A boner/stiffy/erection.
We were really passionately kissing, and then he got a Henson.
by freddo12 February 27, 2011
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The name used for a 'tag along' in britain.
Stop following me henson!
by G™ May 26, 2006
A girl with a great personality. She may come across as shy sometimes but when you get to know her, she is loving, caring, and determined. She loves to sing, act, and dance. Henson is fun-loving and isn't afraid to be herself.

Henson is tall. She always knows what is wrong and what is right. Loves to rp! :D
Henson is cool
by IceWing56 September 26, 2010
A fun and outgoing person. She is a great story maker and an awesome friend. She will do anything for her friends. She is responsible, yet crazy! (in a good way! :P) She is a great athlete and a candy luva! She is sweet and just plain awesome!
Person 1: Omg who is that person eating that giant bag of candy?

Person 2: That's Henson, duh!

Person 1: She's awesome!
by omg its a freakin person run! September 26, 2010

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