Japanese for "transform". Capcom decided to use this word in their new game, Viewtiful Joe, but most people outside of japan don't understand what it means.
Hahaha, Henshin-a-go-go baby! Uh, What does henshin mean anyway? lol
by interwebmanx October 27, 2003
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Japanese word that means "transform". Used alot by old school japanese super heroes (an example of this would be "Kamen Rider"), and recently used as a catchphrase in the new capcom game, Viewtiful Joe.
(person transforms into japanese super hero)
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
A word used in japanese programs such as Kamen Rider, it means 'transform'. The protagonist would use this word and transform into a metal hero to defeat the enemy.
*grabs Kabuto Zectar and slides it into belt* Henshin!
by MoonGazer July 06, 2006
Japanese for "transform." A popular catch phrase used in Capcom's new game Viewtiful Joe. Used to activate V-Watch and transform into Viewtiful form (used by Captain Blue, Sylvia and Joe).
"Henshin-a-go-go, baby!"/"Henshin-a-bye-bye!"/"Henshin around!"
by Madam Luna January 01, 2004
A word used to activate a V-watch and transform its owner into an unstoppable superhero.
"Henshin-a-go-go, baby!"
by J. Kyle October 11, 2003

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