super athlete, goal scorer extroadinaire
by DT October 09, 2003
Top Definition
celtic legend.
living legend.
henke's chip in the 6-2 game is one of my favourite football memories,
by big_handles February 27, 2004
one word ... GOD!
He is a legend
by mad tim March 26, 2004
simply the greatest ever player to walk the field of Celtic Park. Known for his amazing finishing and all-round world class play. scored one of the best ever Old Firm goals (in a game celtic won 6 - 2) in which he glided past 3 defenders and calmly chipped Rangers 'keeper Stefan Klos.

Simply put, to most Celtic Football club fans he is the King Of Kings.
Henrik Larsson, Henrik Larsson, Henrik Larsson Is The King Of Kings
by Paul Bhoy March 27, 2008
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