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An AMAZING family that have large groups on the East Coast of America. Hennesseys tend to have crazy freckles, large green eyes, red or brown hair, and are long and gangly. Think the "Weaslys" from Harry Potter. Since these people practically invented the "Hennessy" congac, THEY ARE HELLA ALCOHOLICS! Known for being liberal, funny and educated, Hennesseys are all around good Catholics to hang out with...unless they are stoned at the time.
"Hey look at that hella good soccer player over there!"
"Is he stoned?"
"Well who ever he is, he just fell on his face."
"And is laughing about it!"
"MUST be a Hennessey!"
by AlwaysOnStage May 12, 2009
9 31
A foul tasting and pricey liquor that is often sought after by the dregs of society.

Informally shortened to "Henny" by some imbibers.
I's gonna buy some Hennesey wit' my welfare money.
by Jim January 03, 2004
79 113
1.aka chelsea...

2.a yummy alcholic beverage !!!!!!! also very yummy mixed with hypnotq
1."wheres hennessey at?"
" i think shes in the bathroom takin a shyt.. "

2.hennessey plus hypnotq equals the incredible hulk
by LALALA hehe December 23, 2004
15 71