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a teenaged girl who;
wears her hair in a messy bun
wears a denim skirt with tights/footless tights and pumps
wears a personalised hoodie
talks like a snob
shops in the oracle, reading
thinks she is a sloane.

henley is a part of reading, uk, which these girls orignated from.
their parents are rich twats.
they often - but not always - go to a public school, play lacrosse etc.
Bridgette: Hello Zara, lets go over to FCUK in the Oracle and get us some t-shirts!

Zara: Oh no Bridgette, I was thinking about going over to Broad Street Mall and getting some of those personilsed hoodies - like the ones Bethany and Chloe have!

Bridgette: Safe!

Zara: I love being a henley girl!

(all this is said in an increadbly posh and pretencious voice - even the term 'safe')
by !!!!!!!!!!1 February 12, 2007
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