A guy who won't hang out with his friends because his girlfriend will get mad.
Shit, it looks like Bubba is henpecked tonight!
by Benjamino December 22, 2003
Top Definition
When a male complies to ever single demand of his girlfriend or wife, and the female is in complete control of her man. A hen-pecked male will easily sell out to his woman and blow off his friends. Also see Pussy-whipped
First Guy: Damn. Fred blew us off again to go get bossed around by that bitch. He's so hen-pecked.
Second Guy: (Makes whipping sound) Yeah, he's whipped.
by Common Sense7 October 06, 2005
A guy who won't hang out or talk with his friends because his girlfriend/ wife is so insecure that she will get mad.
Can't believe she let's Jason go to work or even get on the computer, she has him so hen-pecked.
by Bossy-Bailey October 19, 2010
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