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Hemogondi (variations: Heemogondi, Hemoghandi, etc.)
he~mo~gon~di {hee-moh-gon-dee}
1. Exceeding what normally would be referred to as enormous or even larger; although usually used imaginatively and beyond proportion or exaggeratingly.
2. Beyond Huge, Gigantic, Titanic, etc.
-Synonyms: colossal, gigantic, stupendous
1. "Our city had humble beginnings but has now grown hemogondi."

2. "That mountain is really huge, I don't know if we should attempt climbing it." "That mountain is hemogondi my friend, and we will conquer it!"
#enormous #gigantic #titanic #stupendous #huge
by William A. Cheek September 27, 2006
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