Top Definition
1. To confront someone
2. To charge someone up
1. That nigga was talking trash so I hemed him up
by Portia January 01, 2005
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To be unable to go out and have fun with your boys because your girl says it's "me time."
"Dogg, I can't roll to Dream tonight, my stank ass girl got me hemed up again."
by Nuckra May 28, 2003
To have rough sexual intercourse(usually a black female).
I hemed this bitch up last night!
by ThirstyNigga April 29, 2005
n. a place thats filled with cops,teachers,or n e thing that will get u in truble ... n e thing that will get u intruble
i aint goin to that park to smoke its a hem up.

if we go there well get hemed up by the fuckin pigs

dont choke with that joke hes a fuckin hem up
by kevin December 07, 2003

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