When you and your friend hold hands and give a hand job together. with you and your friend using your hands, that you are holding.
Jack and Jill decided to give a helping hand to Jack.
by JJ Col December 29, 2011
Top Definition
Assistance given to someone who becomes tired while providing a handjob.
While Dick Cheney was giving me a handjob, but was too tired to continue, I took hold of his wrist and gave him a helping hand. The helping hand provides a somewhat similar experience and sensation to the Stranger in the Night.
by Jon Vermillion and E.B. July 25, 2005
The name of the repossession company that Otto works for in the film "Repo Man".
Oly: "Helping Hand"...fucking right we took your car. Guess who told us where it was, your goddamned brother!
by semanon March 21, 2008
when one person inhales weed then kisses another person, the person that recieves the kiss inhales the weed smoke by the kiss. the kiss usually lasts as if your making out for seven seconds.
helping Hand:If your looking to do it.

inhale the smoke, dont exhale, then kiss the person for seven seconds. as if making out. the person will inhale the smoke then after the seven seconds release the smoke. youll feel high.

Its hardcore when your listening to satisfaction by benny benassi or I kissed a girl by Katy perry trust me.
by Cookiepants September 19, 2008
When you know you're too intoxicated to urinate without totally missing the toilet. So you call your girlfriend into the bathroom and have her hold your penis as you urinate.
Don't worry man I didn't make a mess in your bathroom I had Sarah come give me a helping hand.
by The Covered Wagon Cougar March 31, 2009
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