(n.), an english term used to describe one who has an overwhelming flow of chest hair. (v.) the act of growing an overwhelming flow of chest hair.
(n.) Look at that guy, his chest is so hairy. He is a Helm.
(v.) His chest is hairy because he starting helming at such a young age.
by tim May 27, 2004
Top Definition
most awesome name ever, much better than henwood or bender
you're such a helms! AWESOME
by ML Helms January 28, 2009
helm is short for helmet, which is the purple head on a males reproductive organ which is similar to a medival helmet of yore
A) Do not be a helm sir, give me back my lunch money.
B) His helm smells of chedder
C) And I slapped her face with my helm, like so
by Dictionary Boy March 10, 2005
1. Someone who shreds guitar, playing mostly 80's metal riffs.
Also, a 'Helm' can be a person that acts years younger than their actual age, often gaining satisfaction from pranking people.
1. Did you see that guy shredding on that flying V in Guitar Center? He was such a Helm!

2. Dammit! Someone soaped the falls again. It was probably Helm.
by OwenOwenOwen March 04, 2009
(colloquial noun - abbreviated from "helmet") : A begrudged friend who is tolerated, of disreputable or unreliable character.
"We was out on the tiles last night, he really did my head in last night, he's my bro n all, but he was cock blocking me all night - acting like such a helms."

"Alright helms?! How's it going"

by Nath Dogg November 29, 2013
Being a lame college kid who everyone picks on and normally has a hot sibling that his friends want to bang
Max: "I was makin out with this babe last night, and it turned out to be that Tommy kid's sister" Austin: "yea that kid is pretty lame though" Max: "Oh so he's a Helm then? " Austin: "I wouldn't disagree"
by mattpalmer March 27, 2015
short for "helmet" helm is another word used for the head of the male penis. The helm if covered in foreskin, can cause smeg and nob cheese to form in sometimes copius amounts. if unsheethed the helm normally remains clean and can sometimes be pleasant to the touch.
"errrgh tom your lemon helm is covered in cheese"
"mmmm mr buntrock your unsheethed helm tastes great"
by gooch merchant May 29, 2006
Adjective meaning to have sexual intercourse. Derived from helm-et (another vulgarism for the penis), helm, i.e. the act of using one’s helm-et or helm-ing, and the idiom to be at the helm - a position of leadership or control taken from nautical terms for the steering wheel of a vessel (from Old English helma, from Proto-Germanic khelman = "handle") particularly attributable to sexual intercourse “doggy style”
"Did you helm her last night?"
"What did you do last night?, I was at the helm"
by Neil99 March 14, 2006
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