One of the most original hard rock/heavy metal bands to rise up from the United States underground; The original and most prominent lineup featuring Page Hamilton on guitar and vocals, Henry Bogdan on bass, John Stanier on drums, and various background guitarists. Their original sound was based around heavy guitar distortion with droning riffs, outrageous guitar shredding and solos (influenced by bands such as Sonic Youth, Void and Killing Joke as well as many jazz musicians), loud chuggy bass lines, heavy snare drumming, and background guitars to create a "wall of noise" sound.

In 1992 they blasted into the mainstream with their second album "Meantime", which featured their most known song "Unsung". The band also released "Give It" and "In the Meantime" as singles, but both songs flopped in sales and didn't receive as much attention as "Unsung". Helmet's two albums "Strap It On" and "Meantime" were both so groundbreaking that it spawned many watered down imitator bands that ripped from Helmet's sound, the most prominent three being Korn, Deftones and Tool. This move infuriated and disgusted the band, giving them the desire to do something much more experimental to alienate themselves from their imitators.

In 1994, Helmet released their third album "Betty"; a much more melodic album which owed more to bluesy and jazzy heavy metal, which featured the songs "Wilma's Rainbow" and "Milquetoast", both of which became minor hits on modern rock radio. Helmet have gone on to release 3 more albums and still remain a favorite of Modern rock, Hard rock and Heavy metal fans today.
HELMET are a very great, but HIGHLY underrated band.
by capt. May 27, 2007
They suck and the singer is an asshole. I ate dinner with him in philly and he was the biggest fuckin' dick i ever met. he was also being an asshole to the wait staff. fuck him and fuck the whole crappy band. they're also one of the most repetitive bands i've ever heard in my life.
This band "Helmet" suck ass and their only OK song is that "Unsung" song which was featured on grand theft auto san andreas. they suck and thats the reason why they never had any hit singles in their whole 20 year career.

btw the singer is a douche bag.
by i hate douche bags April 29, 2008
as a verb: to love and appreciate someone or something even though AND because it is "not quite right".
My son called the bully at school an "underdeveloped plesiosaur" which of course got him socked in the jaw. I helmet that kid.
by crankyramone October 06, 2006
A person who simply sucks at life. Just awful, a complete load that should have been swallowed. Some kid who's not even in a cool Fraternity and is just terrible to be around.
Ugghhh, that kid is such a f***ing helmet. see also lemon
by John McShane October 04, 2004
um.. not that your sister knows what a condom is :)
ENTER: Little Timmy and Francesca.
Little Timmy: "Wanna ride my bicycle?"
Fracesca: "Sure, I think I need a helmet though..."
Little Timmy: "WHAT THE FUCK!"


Enter Little Timmy and Mom.
Little Timmy: "mom, I need a helmet."
Mom: "Oh, you can just borrow your fathers. Might be a little big..."
by Danielle June 10, 2004
"This bar is full of helmets."
by JENNI-POO April 14, 2005
A derogatory term for a girl that likes to give head.

Originated in Franklin, MA in the 80's.
"that chick Jodi loves to suck cock. She's such a little helmet."
by Abar42 October 11, 2015
When you are so high you have the mental capacity of someone who is so retarded they wear a helmet for safety.
Fuck man that shits dank i think im one hit helmet
by PuneSlayer666 June 29, 2015

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