When really bad things happen during the so called Holidays or holy days. It's so bad it turned Holidays into Helladays. These days would be the same as days living in Hell. The Holidays are usually celebrated on the same date of a satanic holiday (persons who worship satan are celebrating on the same dates). Example, October 31st, December 24th, December 25th, January 1st, etc. The dates of satanic holidays were celebrated when there was no such thing as christianity or the christian faith. For reference search satanic holidays.
I can't wait for these Helladays to be over. After the Helladays things will go back to normal. These Helladays are the worst times of the year. When is the next Helladay?
by oh-truth-hurts December 23, 2012
Top Definition
a very long time
Its been hella days since I last saw you.
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
widely used norcal/bay area phrase used to describe an extended period of time. Could be anywhere from a few minutes to a few years.

Used much in the same context that others not from norcal use the word forever (eg) "We've been living here forever"
norcal person 1: It took you hella days to get over here.
norcal person 2: Yeah dude, I know. The traffic in the bay area blows.

norcal person 1: I haven't seen you in hella days! (usually 3 or more days... but it could even be years)
norcal person 2: hella
by starrystareyes June 23, 2010
depending on the context of use this can mean any period of time from a few minuites to a very long time. It normally how ever means a long time.

it can also be a sign of agreament

guy 1: dude i haven't seen you in hella days.
guy 2: ya i know its been awhile

example 2:
guy 1: dude this is some hard shit
guy 2: hella dayssss
by norcal isdashit December 23, 2007
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