A word that has become popular that originated in the NorCal area.

Hella means "very" as in "It's hella hot in here!"

The word has spread, which is ironic because it sounds incredibly hickish (and likely has hick roots, with all of the Okies that moved to NorCal during and after the Depression).

Hella is not a word that people from outside of the Bay Area should be using, unless they actually want to sound like hicks.
Blonde girl: "I'm hella horny. Maybe I should say yes to the first guy that approaches me."

Brunnette: Oh god. You sound hella desperate.
by Varrioso August 16, 2012
A math/noise/experimental rock band from Nevada City, CA.
Instrumental and totally awesome.
1-800-Ghost Dance is a hella fun song to dance to via Hella, the band.
by harnessyrhopes March 22, 2009
1. Emphasizes the meaning, seriousness, or quality of a word.
2. Used to agree or disagree with an opinion
3. Shows gravity in situations, as well as it can be used in measurement

- Used very frequently in northern California and Las Vegas
1. 'That movie was hella gay'
'Thats hella bomb chronic'
'Its hella cloudy today'

2. Joe: "These shoes look awful"
Dan: "Hella."

3. 'I got hella ripped off fool'
'I got hella money this payckeck'
'I fried hella bad last week, I'll never do mushrooms again'

by MackDeezNuts December 24, 2006
alot, very much
that pizza was hella good.
by ryn July 23, 2003
An adjective/adverb that can be used in place of the word "very" or "a lot." It is commonly used by Californians.
Anthony: Hey brian, you are hella cool!
Brian: I know Anthony. I sure am!
by hellabrian June 25, 2010
While used in most areas of nor cal, people from Santa Cruz look down on it, considering it valley. This is most likely due to all the tourists from San Jose they get. If a local uses it they will be at least temprarily shunned and often yelled at by even their closes friends.
WARNING: Don't say hella or hecka in Santa Cruz
That's hella tight!
Omg you did not just say that, don't be such a kook.
by strikeuptheband March 08, 2007
Lots of or alot in a large amount of
"Hey man that girl over there has hella big titties"
by S Bloyd June 17, 2006
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