1. The stupidest fucking pseudo-word that I have ever heard in my life. If you can't afford the extra two seconds to complete the phrase, don't fucking say it at all.
2. A non-word that many stupid-ass norcal people use to try and attain superiority over people from southern california, without realizing that they come from the fucking armpit of the United States that doesn't have good weather, good beaches, or good bitches.
3. If you use this word, you are a faggot.
An ignorant native Oakland black person: I steal hella cars all the time, because i'm fucking ignorant.
A civilized white person: I have had a heard a hell of a lot of norcal faggots say hella. For christ sake, its not even a fucking word. Fucking norcal niggers.
by Kevin Carl October 15, 2007
substitute for 1. 'very' or 2. 'alot', that mostly people from the south use. EXTREMELY ANNOYING.
1. "whoa, look at that hella big car"
1. "we went home and ate hella"
by me April 07, 2005
Originating in Northern California, this word is used mostly by the skater, wigger and stoner subcultures.

1. Can be a substitute for "Much", and can be used to describe great in quanity. (example 1)
2. A substitute for "Very" and is used to indicate a large degree of a quality. Used most often to describe good qualities. (example 2)
3. similar in usage to "Indisputably" or "Definitely", used to describe the certainty or accuracy of something. (example 3).
1. "I got hella fries, you want some?"
2. "I was hella wasted last night."
3. "I hella went to the show man."
by Gryftir March 21, 2004
A term first used by either slimey north cal debators or inbred hicks from fresno, but since then has started to infect other reigons. Used by the individuals who enjoy sodomizing the english language and have no social ehtics whatsoever. For the good of humanity please stop saying it
I must be hella spun/inbred/drunk/dumb for using a hella moronic word such as hella
by MrPopadopolisVII November 15, 2004
(HELL lottA)
That white shawty ain't got hella ass.
by G-core November 18, 2003
something that kids in seattle say way too much.
the 206 is hella fly.
by badunkadunk59 October 15, 2005
1. Word used by Northern Californians because that's the only thing they could come up with to get their part of the state recognized.

2. Replaces the word "very" or "extremely" because N. Californians have a shortage of thesauruses.
Dude, Northern California is, like, so hella Northern.

"Why do people from Sacramento say 'hella'?" asked Billy.

"Because the Kings lost," replied the teacher.
by A D fa shawty November 23, 2003
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