word used by those dumb ass bitches in northern california that is equivalent to really...

stupid ass mother fuckers often use hella in just about every sentence and it is annoying as fuck
mike: whats wrong with that dipshit from norcal?

steve: idk lets find out


steve: hey norcal kid why are you such a cocksucker

norcal kid: fuck you dude youre hella gay

mike: o..... hes one of them
by dick tankfield January 19, 2009
Adjective most commonly used by the indigenous tribe of "Da Mall" meaning, very or large amount.
Yo, Yo. That video was "hella" cool, but I got "hella" p*ssed at that "hella" hard boss dude. No what I'm say'n?
by cfx March 02, 2004
Used in nor cal.
Used by skaters wiggers and others

Addictive if you hang out with norcalers or any of the above
Dude he caught hella air
After he told me that tip I tried hella much.
He sucks hella hard
Hes on there nuts hella bad
by Jabri August 15, 2004
A word used by people who won't say hell. As in half of Utahs population.
"Hey brother Jim it's hella hot in this church"
by Dreamychic February 12, 2004
used by some kid named arizona
AZ:dude ur bike is hella light
me: dude ur in south jersy and ur from arizona not nor-calso whaT THE HELL- A ya sayin
by bluch January 03, 2004
A replacement for the word "really" or "alot," but used only by norcal morons. or douchebags in general. Replaceable with the word "hecka."

**Not a real word.**
I'm hella stupid.
I have hella STDs.

Norcal hecka sucks.
I suck hecka dick.
by metroid October 30, 2006
An overused Cali/"Bay Area" word used by those with limited vocabulary who think the word is exclusive, yet anyone can add an "a" to any word to make it sound cool.
For example, "That's Shita good!" as opposed to "That's Hella good!"
by The one and only/VA baby! July 10, 2006

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