An overused Cali/"Bay Area" word used by those with limited vocabulary who think the word is exclusive, yet anyone can add an "a" to any word to make it sound cool.
For example, "That's Shita good!" as opposed to "That's Hella good!"
by The one and only/VA baby! July 10, 2006
A word that takes a certain taste to enjoy, like Paris Hilton. Usually only used by Nor Cal natives, or SoCal homo-gheys.
That mofo was talkin for hella days, I was like "Cracka please.", and he was all "That bitch is hella ghey."
by pfft, your mom September 02, 2003
it originated with people saying hell of, but it just slurred together to become hello
omg he's hella sexy!!
by Josses May 29, 2005
Hella is short for hellacious found in a "real" dictionary. Dictionary definition: Distasteful and repellant: hellacious smog.
Slang. Extraordinary; remarkable: a hellacious catch of fish.
There are hella definitions for hella.
by Tom Alsop May 18, 2005
Nonsense that people from California latch onto in order to feel unique. While it is typically used in front of nouns to emphasize said noun's particularity, the only word hella truly belongs in front of is copter.
Gov. Arnold: Everybody get into the hellacopter.
by Setting the Record Straight June 18, 2005
A word that most clearly distinguishes Bay Area kids from the rest of the world. These Bay Area kids think that the whole of Nor-Cal say hella when most of them don't. It is the most despised word in Santa Cruz because it distinguishes fagget valleys that come over from the Bay Area and try to surf, causing hours of traffic throughout SC. Most people are baffled why the users of this word think they are so cool, and certainly the use of the word does not help them any. Surfers certainly do not use this word unless they come from the Bay Area.
Bay Area Kid: This place is hella tight yo.
SC kid: Shut your mouth little grom and go back where you came from, stop crowding our city like rats.
by Shotbox August 30, 2006
substitute for 1. 'very' or 2. 'alot', that mostly people from the south use. EXTREMELY ANNOYING.
1. "whoa, look at that hella big car"
1. "we went home and ate hella"
by me April 07, 2005

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