An adjective originated from the Seattle area used as a substitute for really, totally, very, or other exaggerating words.
1. That car is HELLA tight!
2. That chick is HELLA sexxxi!
by Sweetness McAwesome June 23, 2007
What Cartman likes to say in the episode of South Park "Spookyfish". Im sure he does it to annoy everyone.
"You guys are just hella jelous.
by SpookyOne August 23, 2004
A stupid word that is spreading like a disease to the east coast. Annoying when almost everyone else it, except a few like Ina.
Duuude, sticking metal in your nipples is HELLLLLA Siiiiiick
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
to the extreme
In california, a lot of ppl say hella, but in la, some people think its jackd.
by lobo November 14, 2002
Slang meaning "really" "very" or "many" that Northern Californians think is really cool. When in reality the rest of Americans think its really very stupid.
Sally: Ugh, i just came back from my trip across Northern California
Sue: Was it cool?
Sally: Yeah, except those morons kept saying hella after every 3 words.
Sue: Hella? What the hell kind of word is that?
Sally: A lame one.
by sowingseason December 20, 2006
the cali/carolina version of the jersey slang term "mad" meaning a lot, very or really
Yo this ish is hella crazy.
by Nicole January 05, 2004
The popularity of this word in northern california emerged in the mid-90's when studying abroad in Europe became exceedingly popular. Derived from the german "heller" which idiomatically means total or incredible, it's english equivalent is used as a generic superlative
That party was hella crazy.
by Brando Commando November 15, 2004

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