i guess what people in northen california say instead of very or a lot.
clear: that was hella cool!!!!
jason: no don't ever say that again because you're not from northern california
clear: :( fine
jason: yeah that's what i thought
by clear September 26, 2004
never hear it in the midwest my bud from cali says it all the time
for very
that game is hella cool
by T January 01, 2004
an exceedingly large amount of
Totally rad kid #1- excuse me sir, are you quite aware that Quiet Riot is a Hella good band?

Totally rad kid #2- I am fully aware of this fact, for I am a conossieur of Butt Rock
by rad kid December 11, 2003
A word that basicaly means "really", but it just sounds cooler. You can also use it to spot the posers, because they'll use it in every sentence after you use it.
"That sounds hella cool"
by Steph November 01, 2003
meaning very, extremely, a lot, much of
you got me feeling hella good...
by starqueen March 28, 2003
Lots. A lot. Many. Much. Really
Hella gay. Hella cash. Hella hoes.
by e March 10, 2003
An incredibly poor and tasteless use of a butchered combination of vowels and consonants which marginalizes the user's intelligence to such a degree that they become relegated to the status of an amoeba.
How many psychological disorders are there?
There are hella of them!
by bigbill1996 December 13, 2010

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